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Why Selecting The Right Web Designer Is Important For A Small Business

Why selecting the right web designer is important for a small business

Most small business owners are interested in having their own business website, as part of their online marketing strategy. However, most offline business owners and their employees have limited knowledge on the different aspects of having a website for marketing products and services. They will usually blindly trust their web designer, to provide them with a website. Usually the business owners role is limited to approving the design and content for their business website. Yet, many small business owners and a few large business owners face problems related to their websites, so this article discusses why selecting the right web designer is important for a small business. 

One of the most common website related problem faced by small business owners, is when their website is no longer accessible. In some cases, the domain name which has been registered will expire, and in other cases, there are webhosting related problems. The small business owner has usually spent a lot of time and money marketing the website , the details of the website, are printed on the visiting cards, brochures and all promotional material. So when the website is not accessible, all the money spent advertising and promoting the business website is effectively wasted, since visitors can no longer contact the business.

A majority of small businesses rely on their web designer for selecting and registering the domain name, developing and hosting their website. They are paying a fee for initially developing the website, and also the annual fee required for maintenance, and annual expenses. So it is important for the business to check the reputation of the webdesigner, what kind of service he is offering to his customers. Webdesigners which have been in business for a longer period of time, usually have a track record, and systems in place to ensure that there is no downtime for their customers websites. On the other hand, a newer webdesigner may stop offering services, and their customers may lose their website.

This also highlights the importance of the kind of service offered by the webdesigner. In addition to designing and setting up the website, some webdesigners will also educate their customers on the different aspects of their website , how to take backups of the website, and restore it in case of any problems, often charging an additional fee. Other web designers will offer these services themselves, often charging for them. The business owner has to decide how important the website is for the business, if it is very important, it is better that the business owner or employee has complete control of the website, so that even if the web designer is not available, the business can manage the website.

Another of the most important parameters for a business website, is the conversion rate, the number of visitors who are converted into leads or orders. Most offline businesses are not aware of the fact that the conversion rate depends to a very large extent on the design of the website. Visitors are not likely to remain on the website, and enquire, if the website is not loading quickly. It is also important to ensure that adequate information is provided on the website, like phone number, email id, so that the customer can easily contact the business owner. Hence it is important to select the right website designer, who will ensure that the website is always accessible, and is well designed so that visitors convert into leads and orders for the business. 

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